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"I offer you a honest, reliable, fair, and hassle-free STAR Certified Smog Test service and experience--And at a Fair Price, as it should be."

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"As one of the pioneers of Test Only smog-check in the Bay Area, we were the 3rd ones to open a Test Only station in Mountain View
--Come and see us-- Worry free!"

Test Only Smog Check

"Test Only" smog tests eliminate conflict of interests

"Test Only" is a State of California required smog check procedure for some, and as it names implies, this test doesn't allow any further fixing if you do not pass it, therefore eliminating any conflict of interest.

Our clear ethical values fully match the "Test Only" approach, so we are proud in providing you with the best Smog Check service.

STAR Certified Smog Check

The California STAR Program puts in place higher standards for smog testing

"STAR Certified" is a program developed by BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) that makes smog tests meet a higher set of standards.

California law actually demands that a percentage of vehicles must have their Smog Check in a STAR certified smog station. Review your DMV renewal paperwork to see if your vehicle has this smog check requirement (below).

On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II)

Second generation of vehicle's on-board diagnostic system for California

OBD-II is a California smog check process using the car's on-board computer to use its monitoring virtually every car's component that affects emissions. You can find more information in the On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) Systems - Fact Sheet / FAQs at the California Environment Protection Agency Air Resources Board

Although these on-board systems help new California cars be one of the cleanest in the planet, over time components may deteriorate or become dis-adjusted, making smog tests required, which is done using the hardware and software already installed in your car.

"Efficiency is a hallmark of our service. I perform all smog-checks personally paying attention to all details learned through practice and many certification courses."

Our Story

Why smog checking? Because I do care for the environment, and because it was one area where I was really frustrated with the services offered.

Since my early days I always have paid attention to the difference between a bad, mediocre, good, and exceptional service. An exceptional service is the one which you feel has solved your problem or need beyond your expectations for a fair price, and most important that you are left with a feeling of having made the right decision and that you were surprised by how well the whole experience was.

Almost every time I had to go do a smog test to my cars I found that they didn't explain me what it was about, that the shops were not clean as I expected, and at the end that I couldn't trust them as I wanted--I decided to offer what I expected but couldn't find.

Coming to the United States I realized that there is a lot to learn and I have done so, from computers, to English, to automotive mechanics, and lastly smog checking.

Before the specifics of smog testing my most important concern are my clients, because I know that on them depend my business. Since I really like being a small business owner and I want it to prosper, you can be sure that my main concerns and all efforts are for you, my prospective client (who often arrive worried about his or her car) to leave fully satisfied, and with the desire to come back.